Wooden houses from Kelo

Wooden houses from Kelo

KELO — KELO, silver, gray, dead pine can be called differently, but the meaning will be one – a special pine! Trees from different latitudes and climates are different: better from the North, where due to low temperatures it grows very slowly. Due to the harsh climatic conditions and slow growth, KELO acquires a high density of wood and resistance to environmental influences. When nature sees that pine is ready to serve people, needles and branches crumble, winds and rains remove the bark, the sun dries to make it easier for a person to build.

Before the tree becomes suitable for construction, nature makes each tree a masterpiece, to surpass that man has not yet been given.

Dry pine kelo has unique properties, which it owes to the nature of the Northern latitudes of Karelia and the Northern Urals.

Dry pine does not require any factory processing or processing of chemical compositions — so KELO retains all its natural properties;
The sun, wind, dry climate of Northern areas provide the minimum humidity of wood;
Absolute environmental friendliness is due to the lack of chemical reagent treatment in hard-to-reach areas of the North. In such houses, the cells of the body age much more slowly, respectively, and the rhythm of life is more lively, filled with positive energy, health and well-being.
The almost complete absence of shrinkage;
The same kind of logs;
Noble gray color, natural texture, rich pine aroma of the wall do not require additional finishing, their soft color calms and soothes;
Projects of dry pine – exclusive, created according to individual sketches, which allows you to create absolute comfort inside the designed premises and to satisfy the aesthetic tastes of the client.
The projects include various buildings and structures: a house, a free-standing bath, outbuildings, gazebos, sidewalks, gates, fences and walkways with railings, surface buildings and landscape buildings, necessarily with reference to the terrain;
In winter and summer, the house of KELO is maintained optimal microclimate, the most comfortable temperature and a special aesthetic and psychological atmosphere.

Such advantages of KELO allow to open the imagination of architects and to realize the most daring and non-standard projects.

Kelo of various diameters from 200 to 550 mm can be used for construction depending on the project and personal preferences of the customer.

We are ready to build a residential complex in which there are always clean energy and health, to build a house is a very serious process.
Since ancient times, People built a house for themselves in the form of large complexes, because families were 15-20 people.
Built in our latitudes, of course, of wood. And the best wood was chosen, and such since ancient times was considered pine, dried on the root under the influence of all natural elements, high-quality trunks ringing like steel. Frost-resistant, heat-preserving, beautiful, eco-friendly, having a complete lack of shrinkage material, which has no analogues, this material is created by Nature exactly the way what is needed.
Such a house when no bad smells, even if the house is abused smokers, he regulates and maintains at the optimum level of humidity and oxygen balance (natural climate control).
The service life of houses made of dry wood is incalculable. The nature of the Northern climate of Karelia forms a high density, strength and endurance of wood.

It is customary to refer to dry trees in the root of trees that do not have bark, while reaching this state naturally. Such trees can have an age of several centuries. Nature itself, without the use of all kinds of modern means to increase durability, gives us this unique material that guarantees a huge life of the house built from it. Houses made of dead trees are ready to give their residents comfort and warmth for many years. According to estimates of modern experts at construction on the crude earth, houses of their dead wood could stand on it about three hundred years. The only restriction on the purchase or construction of a house made of this material, can only rich people. Because old forests in Russia remains not so much. The postwar years and the development of virgin lands have done their disastrous work.

We take the forest in the North in the Karelian taiga. It is here that this material has the best quality for the manufacture of log cabins. In Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov, Vologda and other Russian regions, unfortunately, this quality does not reach the required level. Before cutting down a dead tree, there is a careful study and processing. There is a strict selection, which are only the best trees. This process is very laborious, especially when you consider that it takes a lot of time to search for dead wood, because they are usually in the deep forests and are about 0.9-3% of the total number of trees. These trees have almost zero humidity, primarily due to the fact that they dry naturally. This, in turn, reduces the risk of all kinds of pests on their surface as much as possible. This characteristic is considered to be a very important advantage of dry trees. The felled trees are exported from the forest during the winter season, with the help of technology, which has a light permeability for the deaf places.

Dry wood, what exactly is valued in it? Material from dead trees has excellent capacity for oxygen, as well as the air passing through the deadwood becomes clean from dust and dirt. These trees are recognized as the most environmentally friendly material. This is explained by the fact that the time in which the tree grew, was much higher environmental friendliness, compared with the current times. Freshness, naturalness, comfort, optimal balance of oxygen and beauty — that’s what distinguishes the houses built of dead wood.

In the most Northern areas, where there was a lack of such wood, locals , and also inhabitants of Siberia and coast of the North sea applied other way of drying of a tree, giving it durability. It happened as follows: a good pine was chosen, from it the bark was cut from the roots to a height equal to human growth. Within two to four years, such trees became dry and much more durable than those that were cut down fresh.

If you look in the dictionary Dahl, the word «deadwood» it will be defined in it as the contrast of moisture, sputum and dampness in the trees. Wood that has dried due to the natural process is the most ideal option for housing construction.

People living in the North, perfectly versed in what should be a tree and know how to make its design as effective as possible.

In order to understand what we are talking about, you can remember the cultural monument of ancient wooden architecture — Kizhi. In this sculpture, the tree is in perfect harmony with the rest of its parts. Immediately it becomes evident that the Master who created this monument, not just doing routine work, and put his soul into his creation.

Interestingly, during the fixing of wooden structures, they are absolutely not used nails, because I thought that it will only bring harm to the wood.

The experience gained by our ancestors over the centuries, can increase the value of the material, while housing built from it, is considered an elite example of culture and aesthetics of the Northern peoples. Before starting our work, we take into account the factors that after construction will play an important role in the feeling of comfort: the location of the house, its Windows in relation to light, wind, the choice of the most favorable Foundation and many other important nuances and traditions.

Peace to your home!lska pine is represented in the market of Western Europe under the brand name Kelo. In the West, highly appreciated the high technical characteristics of houses, baths and saunas from Kelo. Luxury ski resorts, five-star hotels and well-known spa-salons use Kelo-pine, which increase their image among wealthy customers. Also