Kin estate

Kin estate

Someone considers the country in which he was born, someone area, someone the settlement as the Homeland. And someone concrete place on Earth, in which lived his ancestors, plowed, sowed, were born and were dying.

Everything in this place recalls the ancestors: grandma embroidered the tablecloth, the great-grandfather built the house, planted by great-grandfather grove. From everything breathes good memory energy and Love.

Every person should have a homeland. But not abstract, like the borders of States that can change. Man needs real eternal roots that connect him to the Earth, help him to feel the connection with everything in the universe: with the Earth, other planets, nature, ancestors, all people, with God.

A person without a nature, without a family, no Land, no stars does not live. When connection with them is broken, the person gets sick and dies. A person can be happy and healthy only if he has these connections. Then he is whole – he is part of the whole. Then he gets nourishment, help, healing from everything.

Rod-that’s the main thing in the concept of ancestral estates.

Growing up, becoming independent, we often think that parents are no longer needed. But over time, at the sensory level comes the understanding that the parental energy, which we felt in childhood, is not enough — it is different, nothing can replace it. And that we cannot give our children the energy that grandparents can give.

Moreover, breaking the connection with the parents, we break the connection with the ancestors and with all his family, and eventually with the Creator of all parents. Keeping the connection with the parents, we keep the connection with the family, we get the opportunity to feel the Love and help of our ancestors, and possibly God.

Man should be «in kind» and «in nature».

Most of us were born and raised in cities, where nature is no longer the main habitat, but only a place to relax. Concrete walls and asphalt do not radiate energy useful for humans. And every tree, every flower, every bird radiates healing energy. Therefore, in the city people are sick more often, the energy of life in it less.

The ancestral estate is a specific place on the planet in which a person has taken roots and through them is connected with all things.

This is where he was conceived in love, where he was born, where he was raised.
This is a place where everything is planted and equipped by generations of ancestors, where in every living being or object their energy of Love is dissolved.
This place, which gives healing fruits to nourish the soul and body, accelerates thought.
It is a place that protects from negative energies, multiplies positive and preserves Love.
This is the place where his children will be born and will remember him, because around will see indelible good memory, because many trees live hundreds of years.
Thus, the connection with ancestors, with the Earth, with nature will be preserved.

On the material plane of existence the kin’s domain is a parcel of land not less than one hectare, where man with his own hands planted forest, garden, hedge, dig a pond, a well, building a house, gazebo, bath, settles the place of rest, lays the garden. One hectare is enough to create a family estate. One hectare is not a mystical number, but a rational one.

Why 1 hectare?

In such an area it is possible to create a self-regenerating ecosystem. That is, the planted diversity of plants and living diversity of animals, birds, insects is enough to protect themselves from disease, and the ecology of the site and the number of animals to keep in balance.

On one hectare, you can place all the necessary human objects. What is impossible in the country 6 acres: the bath is not placed, the garden, the gazebo, and the pond and the forest are not even talking.

It is possible to arrange everything so that this hectare will easily provide the family living on it with all the necessary food and energy.

Possible and less than one hectare. But the smaller the land, the more difficult it is to create a self-sufficient space. And most importantly: why less? After all, the land is enough and the land will be glad if someone will take responsibility for its prosperity.
Can be and more hectares. But then the thought should cover the whole area. If the speed of thought is not enough, you have to use hired labor and special equipment. Why the creation of the space of love is complicated.
One hectare is the Golden mean.

In the family estate, a person becomes completely Autonomous in terms of food, wealth, health of body and soul, the birth of children.

Kin’s settlement brings together the family estate. Each estate is home to one family, and therefore the settlement is called generic, that is, uniting kind.

Forces the entire settlement to build roads, school, shop, health center, settling in the General area for sports, recreation, meetings.

Education of children is organized. Holidays are held. As a result, a new culture of communication is created, new traditions are laid. More conscious.

And since all the settlers — like-minded, have a common goal, all they can do.

The goal of each settler is to create a happy lifestyle for his family, and in the end to create a new civilization in which each family consciously creates and lives in Love.

If a person wants to show his level of spirituality, he ceases to theorize about it, ceases to isolate himself from everything with concrete walls and tries to turn a tiny piece of our common Land into a blissful Paradise, into a blooming garden. And his family is trying to make this space healthy and happy.

If he succeeds, then no propaganda for a nature-like way of life is needed. Any sane person, seeing a happy family, healthy people, love and prosperity, wants to live the same way. If you need to create a family estate, then it will create a family estate.ipe5 on the market of Western Europe under the brand name Kelo. In the West, highly appreciated the high technical characteristics of houses, baths and saunas from Kelo. Luxury ski resorts, five-star hotels and well-known spa-salons use Kelo-pine, which increase their image among wealthy customers.