Our company is engaged in the construction of high-quality, environmentally friendly and luxury real estate. We build wooden houses, ancestral estates, baths, saunas, buildings for restaurants, hotel complexes, beauty salons and other objects. At the request of the customer can cut down both in the old Russian — Slavic style, and in the modern direction, with large areas of glazing of buildings, using elements of a smart home. Our company fundamentally uses for the construction of luxury material – dry Karelian pine. Our position in the choice of construction material has developed over the years. Only using dry Karelian pine, we will be able to provide our client with a long-term extended warranty on the constructed wooden property. This building material is famous for its ecology, functionality, durability and harmony, as in the decoration of the structure of such pine, no need for any interior decoration of the wooden frame, as well as chemical treatment of logs log from decay or damage to insects. The construction of a log house under the roof takes place in a short time, and does not require additional time for shrinkage and ventilation. We build both for private and commercial use in Russia, Europe and Japan.

Our masters in the construction are based on the ancient traditions of the North, so our homes are easy to keep warm in the cold, and keep cool in the hot heat. The log cabin is cut in Karelia on our production in manual, further it understands and is transported to any point where it is collected by our masters. This is very important, because the master who cut the frame, knows him as his child, and only he will be able to collect it qualitatively. Basically, the construction of a wooden frame performed in the bowl as the most optimal, high-quality, old and beautiful way. This method ensures high structural strength, and excellent protection of log angles from frost, wind and rain. Grooves and bowls are cut with a chainsaw, work is carried out outdoors and in winter and summer only in natural light of the sun. This is the only way to do quality work and fill the house with positive, healthy energy. So our ancestors believed, so we believe. Winter orders due to the short Sunny day in the North require more time to complete the order, but this does not affect the price. Thanks to joint construction projects with the Finns, there is a constant exchange of knowledge and experience with Finnish specialists. To information, initially, Karelians were trained to build houses of Finns. And today the Finns teach us to use modern tools and modern technologies.

Our masters cut in the so-called Finnish cabin, which is very similar to the Russian — also use a round log. Finns especially appreciate the wood from the Northern latitudes, where the tree grows slowly and has a small number of twigs-knots, especially famous Lapland dry pine — kelo, wood which has a minimum humidity, high density, so it just can not get pests, fungus, and log cabins from it is almost not subject to shrinkage.

Than to distinguish the Finnish technology of felling from the Russian? It is simple to define: it is other form of a longitudinal groove. In traditional Russian cabin use the so-called open groove (located in the groove insulation is visible on both sides of the wall) and is considered unacceptable to the upper log rested on the lower edges of the groove. In Finnish all the way around. The groove here is closed — this is just provided by the fact that its edges are tightly adjacent to the lower log, covering the insulation from wind and rain. And leaning over the edge of the groove insulation immediately neatly pruned, that was not «leak» moisture.

The advantages of this method is very important for future owners of the house, because they are not every year to prokonopachivajut frame.

What else to say about the Finnish method of cutting, it is not the Finnish method, and the old Russian — Northern method. The proof is a visit to Kizhi! You’ll see it with your own eyes.

About the technology of seamless groove:

The manufacturing technology of longitudinal grooves looks like this: one log is put on another and with the help of a conventional bracket draw the lines of the edges of the future groove. Then the log overturn and across a groove a chainsaw put notches, a groove choose «Tesla» and a chainsaw. Density of prileganiye of logs to each other (the knife should not enter a crack) check by repeated fitting in a place. Corner notching do so: on the beam draw a rather sophisticated system with trapezoidal lines of the shape of the bowl. Chainsaw for rough sample of wood, with rough sample produced using chainsaws, and finishing is carried out by applying special tool.

The dry Karelian pine is presented in the market of Western Europe under the Kelo trademark. In the West, highly appreciated the high technical characteristics of houses, baths and saunas from Kelo. Luxury ski resorts, five-star hotels and well-known spa-salons use Kelo-pine, which increase their image among wealthy customers. Also